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Hammer and Tongs in the Morning at the Hyatt Regency (Colorado Convention Center)
November 21st 2013 to ...
Denial of Sleep at the Hyatt Regency (at Colorado Convention Center)

Yesterday, I laid down to a nap around 1pm in my hotel room at the Hyatt Regency Colorado Convention Center, but it was not to be.  In the room above me, some demolition was in action, perhaps carpet replacement.  I was treated to all the sounds of hammering, stomping, moving of furniture, and for some reason the repeated dropping of objects (sizes very small to perhaps hammer sized).

The worst was the sawing though; the sound of it completely penetrated my room, so that it really seemed like it was *in* my room.  The nap, a disaster, had to be aborted.  But hey, maybe that was just my problem, for expecting some peace and quiet after my lunch.

Unfortunately, noise seems to be the rule at the Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center.  In my bed at 7am, the morning after that obnoxious noise festival, I am awoken by the repeated dropping of small objects, more furniture movement, hammering, and more stomping.

This time, feeling like it was my right to continue sleeping at what I considered an early hour, I called down to the front desk.  The assistant manager couldn't be located, but I was told I'd be called back.  Hey, it wasn't like I was asleep anyway, right?

When the assistant manager called back, she was apologetic and said that someone else had talked to the workmen 20 minutes earlier.  Perhaps I was not the only one they were disturbing.  But she said she would go up herself and see what could be done.  Apparently what could be done was absolutely nothing, because the banging and noise continued unabated.

So now I write this review of my ruined sleeping experiences at the Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center.  Many other things about this hotel are fine, but apparently the walls and floors are paper thin and the workmen have no concept that people mainly come to hotels to sleep, and that they are ruining the chances of sleep with this kind of noise.  Further, it appears that the management has no control over these workmen, so that the noise generation continues, as if it were a special feature of my room I should be enjoying.  Sadly, I did not enjoy it at all, because I do like my sleep in the morning.

So to my fellow conventioneers, if for the remainder of the day I seem out of sorts, this write-up of my experience may help explain why.  The godforsaken noise is still going on right now, even still, and I would perhaps be forgiven for going up and screaming at the noisy workers myself.  But making so much noise myself would be inconsiderate, wouldn't it?

The hotel assistant manager was quite sad that the workmen had not stopped banging around above me after she asked them to go away and/or be quiet, and she comped part of my bill from the hotel restaurant. 
That was pretty nice.
  Apparently the demolition wasn't supposed to start until 9am, so whatever construction company is being employed does not read their contract very carefully.

pps: On the other hand, after getting back to my room at 5pm, the banging and junk-dropping was still going on above me.  I went out to dinner.  After getting back, I took another little nap despite the noise.  I was awakened again by banging noises around 8:20pm local time, and the construction/destruction noises above me just keep going on and on.  Is this intended to go on all night?

ppps: Yes, it was intended to go on at least until 12 midnight.  Although the new assistant manager asked the workers to bang more softly, it was still ridiculously loud and disturbing.  The noise of things being dragged around and dropped just kept goingBut by 10pm, Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center took pity on me and they did move me up 7 floors so that I was no longer near the construction floor.  They put me in an "executive suite", aided by the rapidly ebbing convention occupation, but I could finally chill out without the noise and get some sleep.

pppps: The next morning was my last at the hotel.  Ironically, I laid down to a short nap before my shuttle ride at 9am.  And on the floor above me (the 15th instead of the 8th this time), the noise of things dropping started up again.  At least above the executive suite, the contractors actually kept to the hotel's instructions not to start "renovating" until 9am.  Odd that.

[posted November 21 2013]

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